Thursday, May 30, 2019

Yaileen Irizarry and Ezai Jones are Named This Year's Peacemakers at Barth Elementary School

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Sharon Holloway, left, a former Barth teacher and First Presbyterian parishioner who runs a mentoring program at the school, joins the Rev. Kerry Pidcock-Lester, first Presbyterian pastor in congratulating this year's Barth Peacemaker winners, Ezai Jones and Yaileen Irizarry.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Entering Barth Elementary School you will find a peaceful friendly environment. Two of the students that help keep it that way are Yaileen Irizarry and Ezai Jones. 

Every year, two students are chosen by their peers who have the qualities of a Peacemaker; respectful, courageous, and willingness to solve problems in a peaceful way, and this year they are the winners

This award was created in partnership with the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown and presented by Pastor Kerry Pidcock-Lester. 

Ezai Jones with his family.
The students received a plaque with their name and a $100 check.

This is the 20th year that First Presbyterian has sponsored this program.This is how a student described Ezai: "I nominate this boy for the Barth’s Peacemaker Award because he is nice, kind, and respectful. One day we were playing basketball and two others began to fight over one calling a foul. This boy came over and said,'You don’t have to be mad, it’s just a game. Take a couple deep breaths,and get back to playing.' This boy is also helpful. When he saw a girl trip outside he went over to her and helped her up and asked if she was okay." 

Yaileen Irizarry with her family.
A classmate gave these remarks in nominating Yaileen: "I nominate this girl for the Barth Peacemaker Award because she is caring. One time I fell and scraped my knee. Then she walked me to the nurse’s office and got me a band aid. She is very happy too. She always has a positive attitude toward teachers and students. She is very helpful. One time my friend and I got in a fight. This girl helped us solve the problem, and made things all better."

This year's Barth Peacemakers Ezai Jones and Yileen Irizzary

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