Thursday, May 3, 2018

Will YMCA Take Over West Pottsgrove Pool? Maybe

It's been more than a year since anyone swam in the West Pottsgrove Community Pool.

It's that time of the year when the perennial West Pottsgrove question -- "will anyone run the township's community pool?" -- is asked.

And, as usual, the answer is: "maybe."

In attempt to make something good out of something bad, Permanent Pool Promoter (and township commissioner) Pete LaRosa, saw something good coming out of the pending closure of the Pottstown YMCA next month.

Although there are many in the community not ready to give up that ghost, LaRosa realized the YMCA could burnish its image by offering up a pool experience given that the two pools inside the North Adams building will soon be closed up inside.

But the deal is not done yet.

Township Manager Craig Lloyd told the commissioners last night that folks from the YMCA visited the pool this week and want some time to consider taking over its operation during the summer season.

Chairman Steve Miller hoped to force the issue a bit by asking for a decision by the end of the month, but the other commissioners said there is no point in rushing it since, in the past, the pool has opened late and could again.

On a technical note, this month we say goodbye to the extraordinarily useful program, Storify, which I used to gather the Tweets from meetings, as well as links to stories and videos.

Unwilling to give up and deprive you, dear reader, of the invaluable experience of reading a bunch of Tweets in order, I slaved through the night, working feverishly until figured out a way to create something similar -- and something I can embed here in the blog -- on Twitter itself.

It's a function called "Twitter Moments" (not that you care.)

But after some weeping and gnashing of teeth, I think I have the swing of things now, and the mighty Digital Notebook blog can continue rolling along as before without a single's day's loss of service.

All of which is by way of long-winded introduction to be able to once again say -- "here are the Tweets from the meeting:"

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