Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pottstown Teachers of the Year, No Tax Hike Budget

Photos by Evan Brandt

POTTSTOWN'S TEACHERS OF THE YEAR: From left, Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez, Victoria Redmond and Michele Andre from Pottstown Middle School, Treen Ferguson from Rupert Elementary, Corby Drone from Pottstown High School, Denise Schleicher from Lincoln Elementary, Lauren Emes from Franklin Elementary, Hayley Guigley from Barth Elementary and Pottstown School Board President Amy Francis.

Looking at the agenda for Monday night's Pottstown School Board meeting, you might have expected it to take a long time.

Naming a Teacher of the Year; adopting the third consecutive budget that does not raise taxes; a new $146,000 lighting scheme for outside the high school; setting in motion the replacement of stadium lights after a three-year wait -- it all sounds like a lot of time and deliberation.

But, you've got to hand it to the school board.

They took care of it all in under an hour.
Teacher of the Year, Corby Drone, with Superintendent

Stephen Rodriguez, left, and School Board President
Amy Francis, right.

First, let's dispel the suspense -- The Pottstown School District Teacher of the Year is high school math teacher Corby Drone.

Drone who has taught in Dublin, at an Ivy League college (Brown) and even spent some time as a campus policeman, brings an interesting perspective to his 11 years in the Pottstown School District.

Founder of what is now known as "The Breakfast Club," Drone offers Pop Tarts and math tutoring on Saturday mornings as well as being the Chess Club adviser.

The other Teachers of the Year from their respective school buildings can be seen below.

Michael DiDonato addresses the school board.
Michael DiDonato, middle school teacher and representative of the Federation of Pottstown Teachers echoed comments made by board member Katina Bearden, that Pottstown teachers are among the best, bring a dedication to seeing their
students and community excel which is not always found in other districts.

After the awards, the board undertook its single most important function -- adopting a preliminary budget, which will be finalized in June, and, for the third year in a row, does not raise taxes.

This year's budget of $62,021,819 is being adopted with little to no idea of what state funding will ultimately be provided by the final Pennsylvania budget.

Ain't this a wonderful system we've got going here in Pennsylvania? Budget blind and be prepared to take the blame when Harrisburg says its the school board raising your taxes. Nice easy way out for the legislators.

But far be it from me to offer an opinion on that here.....

Here are the Tweets from the meeting:

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