Friday, June 24, 2016

A Healthy End to Pottstown Schools' Fiscal Year

Thursday's school board meeting was blessedly short, about an hour.

Which is not to minimize the importance of the action they are about to take Monday, which is to adopt the second consecutive budget that does not raise taxes.

Given the financial difficulties placed upon our school system by the state's extremely broken funding system for education, that is a pretty remarkable achievement.

Linda Adams, the district's business manager who engineered this feat, likely will be rewarded with a new salary of $139,225 by a vote of the board Monday night.

That's a .8 percent salary hike from her current salary of $138,119 which, if you ask me, is a small price to pay for two consecutive zero tax-hike budgets, something unheard of in most of Pennsylvania.

Also unheard of for most of us not in public education are payments for unused sick time. But as Superintendent Jeff Sparagana prepares to leave the district, he will enjoy a $38,523.57 payment for unused sick time.

His makes up more than half of the $67,043 that the board will likely vote to approve Monday in payments for unused sick time.

Also earning a tidy reward for remaining healthy will be Taffi Wolf, the district's retiring technology director, who will receive $13,940 for unused sick time.

Retiring special education director Pamela Bateson will enjoy a payment of $6,950 for the sick days she did not use.

Its in their contract, so they are entitled to the money, but I sometimes wonder why I did not decide to feed at the public trough and get rewarded for staying healthy.

Anyway, the school board declined to discuss any of this, so its probably not important.

Here are the Tweets of the things the school board thought worthy of public discussion at a meeting hardly anyone attended.

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