Friday, June 26, 2015

Two New Principals and a Uniform Debate

With the help of a telephone, the Pottstown School Board mustered a quorum Thursday night to conduct their business.

With four members  absent -- Polly Weand, Mary-Beth Bacallao, Judyth Zahora and the perennially absent Amy Francis -- the meeting got underway with Vice President Andrew Kefer at the helm.

(Zahora joined later by phone.)

During the workshop meeting, it became evident only to close readers of the agenda -- available only in physical form and not on-line as the web site proclaims it will be -- that Pottstown High School Principal Jeff Hartman has resigned.

It was equally evident that Danielle McCoy, currently the district's director of Career and Technical Education, will take his place.

It was equally evident from a close reading of the agenda, that David Todd, currently the assistant principal at Pottstown Middle School, will be promoted to take the place of retiring principal Gail Cooper.

There was no discussion of this change in building leadership, nor was it remarked upon by Superintendent Jeff Sparagana when he reviewed the 45 other personnel items consuming nearly seven pages of the 11-page agenda.

The school board was equally silent.

The board members were less silent about whether or not to change the uniform policy for Pottstown High School.

If I were a betting man, which lack of income happily prevents, I would put my money on the board voting Monday to lift the uniform policy in exchange for the previous "dress code," which is what the high school students followed from May 4 to June 18.

As for the rest of the school buildings, don't hold your breath.

But, as board member Tom Hylton noted, it will all depend on who shows up to vote.

Here are the Tweets from last night's meeting.

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