Thursday, February 5, 2015

No Urge to Merge

Photo by Evan Brandt
Many members of the Phillies Fire Co. turned out for
Wednesday night's borough council meeting.
Pottstown Borough Council made its way through a fairly hefty agenda Wednesday night with relative speed.

The first big item on the agenda were a presentation from Higher Ground Church International regarding their application to open a boarding house for veterans in the rectory and convent of the former St. Peter's Church.

But his presentation was similar to the neighborhood meeting held last night in the rectory and, as faithful readers of this blog, you already know most of what is relevant because you read about it in yesterday's post.

If not, you may have read about it in today's Mercury.

The other big item may not have been on your radar screen is the pending consolidation of the fire companies and the Phillies refusal to take part.

As a result, as of March 31, the Phillies, with about 50 percent of all the borough's volunteer fire fighters, will not be permitted to fight fires in Pottstown.

Look for your fire insurance costs to increase.

We covered the story live, so you may have seen it in today's Mercury.

But if not, I have embedded a video here of some of the comments made by local attorney Doug Breidenbach who spoke on behalf of the Phillies, who showed up silently in force in the audience Wednesday night.

In brief, he told council that the reasons provided by the borough for consolidation are not adequate and that although it may be necessary in the future, it isn't now.

Not only are there currently enough volunteers, but keeping the current system as long as possible is staving off the potential necessity of a paid fair company and every year the current system remains saves taxpayers money.

Neither Borough Manager Mark Flanders not anyone on council responded to his remarks.

Anyway, here are the Tweets.

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