Friday, December 12, 2014

Change Orders, Renovation & Background Checks

Photo by Evan Brandt and his handy iPhone
The Christmas Tree in the conference room
at the Pottstown School District Conference Room
It was a pretty brief night Thursday for the combined facilities, finance and personnel committee meetings of the Pottstown School Board.

At this time of year, everyone has their minds on different things.

Nevertheless, some business got resolved, not the least of which is a review of the seemingly never-ending stream of change orders for the elementary renovation projects.

Also, facilities honcho Robert Kripplebauer reviewed the need for work that needs to be done on the administration building, once known as the Washington School.

Primary among them is roof, window and brick work or, in the lingo of the trade, "the building envelope."

Kripplebauer said $8 million worth of work is needed throughout the district, mostly in roof work.

Here are the tweets from the committee meetings Thursday.

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