Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Swearing, Contributing, Reporting and Admiring

Photo by Evan Brandt

The Pottstown School Board had their new photo taken Monday night and I tagged along for the ride. Pictured are, from left, Vice President Andrew Kefer, Thomas Hylton, Polly Weand, Ron Williams, President Judyt Zahora, student member Gary Wise, Mary-Beth Bacallao, new student member Emanuel Wilkerson, Katina Beardon, student member Katrina Belmontes, Kim Stillwell, new student member Kira Chestnut

Photo by Evan Brandt
Emanuel Wilkerson takes the
oath of office as Kira
Chestnut holds the Bible

and DJ Scott Palladino officiates.
Photo by Evan Brandt
And then it was Chestnut's turn
and Wilkerson held
the Bible for her.
Monday's school board meeting was a veritable whirlwind, with all kinds of things happening fast and furious.

It's hard to believe it was over by 8:30 and its hard to decide where to start, so we'll start at the beginning, when the two newest student representatives to the board were sworn in.

They are Kira Chestnut and Emanuel Wilkerson.

Judy Zahora, Polly Weand
And Diane Stitt with the
$2,050 check for Save the Lights.
I met Kira when she registered to vote on a voter drive and I met Emanuel when he introduced himself to me after the meeting.

 It would seem to me that both are excellent choices.

The we saw a check delivered from the middle school that put the Save the Lights Campaign over the $50,000 mark.

And we saw presentations about the success of the free school breakfast and lunch program and the Foundation for Pottstown Education, and its Alumni Gallery and very successful early college program.

So have a look.

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