Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Of Pipes, Rails, Meters and Stations

Photo by Evan Brandt
A slide from Nathaniel Gust's presentation to the
Pottstown Borough Authority.
So it's not too often that you go to a water and sewer authority meeting and end up talking about an historic railroad.

But in Pottstown, anything can happen.

So who was at last night's Pottstown Borough Authority Meeting but Nathaniel Guest, the unsleeping champion of the Colebrokdale Railroad.

He was there with a problem.

To make the whole project work, the railroad needs to establish ts historic train station in Memorial Park in a location visible from High Street.

The problem is the best site is right on top of a sewer line that runs through Memorial Park.

He came to the Borough Authority with a request.

Read the Tweets below to find out what happened, as well as a $3 million project to help water meters get read remotely and $6 million in pending water and sewer projects in the borough.

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