Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nothing 'Mini" About Mini Mart Hearing

Remember this Place? Last night, borough council held is second conditional use hearing on a proposal to put a mini-mart grocery story in the first floor of this building. 

So here's the thing.

Last night was a long night, made so by the three-hour duration of the second, yes SECOND, conditional use hearing for a proposal to establish the Torres Mini-Mart in the first floor of this building at King and Washington Streets.

There were lawyers, there was testimony, there were petitions, questions, commentary. You name it.

All the things that make democracy great.

But just because I was subjected to this dear reader, does not mean you have to live through it the same way I did.

So after about 48 seconds of deliberation, I decided to post the Tweets from the hearing today, separately from those from the regular meeting.

Those will appear in tomorrow's post.

"But what about tomorrow night's Pottsgrove School Board meeting Tweet-master? When will that appear?"

I hear you gentle reader.

All I can say is good things come to those who wait.

Without further ado, here are the Tweets from the conditional use hearing made necessary after David and Katy Jackson challenged council's first approval in April, claiming it was inadequate.

Rather than fight it out in court, both sides agreed to come back to borough council for what is essentially a "do-over."

The results of that agreement appear below.

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