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Bring It On Home

Photo Courtesy of John Armato

Tom Medvetz and Ryan Regensberg

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by John Armato, the tireless.

The Pottstown School District school year comes to a close with the graduates of the Class of 2014 joining the ranks of over 19,000 PHS grads who have gone on to distinguish themselves as leaders in many fields of endeavor including science, math, business, military, industrial, entertainment, writing, education, and research to name a few.

Trojan pride is strong and evident at class reunions and can be seen in the graduates who have returned to the district to serve the community. 

We salute those Trojans who have returned to the Pottstown School District and are helping to form the foundation for the success of future generations.

The district is celebrating its 175th anniversary and takes pride in being one of the oldest school districts in the country. Home Grown Trojans include:

Ø Gerauldine Alderfer – Class of 2008 – Intervention Assistant

Ø Robin Huss Anderson – Class of 1994 – Kindergarten Teacher Lincoln Elementary

Ø John J. Armato – Honorary Graduate Class of 2014 – Volunteer Director of Community Relations

Ø Dennis Arms – Class of 2005 – High School Business Education Teacher and Key Club Advisor

Ø Bridget Baldwin – Class of 2008 – Fourth Grade Learning Support Teacher – Franklin Elementary

Ø Jacob Bean – Class of 2004 – Intervention Specialist and Assistant Football and Baseball Coach

Ø Brad Bechtel – Class of 1988 – Head Wrestling Coach

Ø Calista Germany Boyer – Class of 1995 – Lincoln Elementary Principal

Ø Susan Searfoss Davis – Class of 1977 – Benefits Coordinator

Photo Courtesy of John Armato

Vicki Price Mutter, Kerry Landis Kline, Robin Germany Debnam, 
and Stephanie AR White 
Ø Karen Weary Dilliplane – Class of 1978 – School Nurse Barth Elementary

Ø Rhonda Lawler Dinnocenti – Class of 1988 – Administrative Assistant for Student Services

Ø Kathy Eagle – Class of 1993 – First grade Teacher at Barth Elementary

Ø Jan Paolucci Endy – Class of 1985 – Word Processing Specialist

Ø Todd Endy – Class of 1981 – Volunteer Assistant Baseball Coach

Ø Aliceclair Iaeger Faust – Class of 1974 – Middle School Librarian

Ø Theodore Freese – Class of 1985 – Elementary Librarian

Ø William Grim – Class of 2000 – Head Custodian Barth Elementary

Ø Amanda High – Class of 2005 – 8TH Grade Reading Teacher

Ø Diana Magliocchetti Hofmanner – Class of 1988 – First Grade Teacher Franklin Elementary

Ø Andrea Hunsberger – Class of 1980 – Intervention Specialist

Ø Michaela Johnson – Class of 1999 – Health Occupations Instructor

Ø Kerry Landis Kline – Class of 1975 – Intervention Assistant

Ø Heather Downie Kurtz – Class of 1983 – 2nd Grade Teacher Lincoln Elementary

Ø Kristin Hoffmaster Lafferty – Class of 2000 – First Grade Teacher

Ø Ian Lawrence – Class of 2006 – 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Ø Danielle McCoy – Class of 1982 – Director of Career and Technical Education

Ø LeeAnn McCullough – Class of 1989 – High School Special Education Teacher

Ø Tom Medvetz – Class of 1989 – Elementary Health and Physical Education Teacher

Ø Matthew Moyer – Class of 1992 – Principal Rupert Elementary

Ø Timothy I. Mutter – Class of 1968 – High School Student Proctor

Ø Vicki Price Mutter – Class of 1975 – Pottstown Middle School Paraeducator

Ø Diane Nash – Class of 1973 – Superintendent’s Secretary

Ø Jaime Parris – Class of 2008 – Long-Term Substitute

Ø Andrea Plavcan – Class of 1972 – Retired Secretary to the Superintendent

Ø Hayley Mutter Quigley – Class of 2001 – Speech and Language Pathologist

Ø Ryan Regensburg – Class of 2001 – Department Head and Middle School Health and Physical Education Teacher

Ø Valerie Pace Reifsneider – Class of 1979 – Assistant to Director of Technology

Ø Dina Rice – Class of 1989 –Speech and Language Therapist

Ø Lori Grubb Schirk – Class of 1981 – Middle School Secretary

Ø Kaylee Shumaker – Class of 2009 – Intervention Assistant at Lincoln Elementary

Ø Rhonda Levan Shumaker – Class of 1982 – Franklin Elementary Secretary

Photo Courtesy of John Armato

Tim Mutter, Vicki Price Mutter, Hayley Mutter Quigley 
Ø Andrea Poremba Skokowski – Class of 1978 – Lincoln Elementary Secretary

Ø Leslie Falicki Swartz – Class of 1989 – 2nd Grade Teacher Lincoln Elementary

Ø Bonnie Kerr Trainer – Class of 1972 – 5th Grade Teacher Pottstown Middle School

Ø Wendy Watters – Class of 1985 – One-on-One Classroom Assistant

Ø Dr. LaTanya White – Class of 1999 – Supervisor of Virtual and Alternative Learning

Ø Lisa Whitehurst – Class of 1984 – Spanish Teacher

There is a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to the mission of the Pottstown School District. Read what some of our “home grown” staff have to say about why they are proud to be a part of the Pottstown School District.

Ø Because I am now able to give back the same life principles that were given to me.

Ø As a student and as an employee, I have met many people who have inspired and encouraged me to pursue my dream. I could not think of a better place to be.

Ø I am part of a fantastic group of teachers who do more than is asked, suggested, or required; who provide hope, purpose, and direction for kids who would otherwise be lost.

Ø I am able to make a difference in the community that shaped me into the educator and adult I am today.

Ø We work together as a team to help our students learn.

Ø I am proud to work with a group of dedicated staff members in a district that looks for what is best for the students.

Ø I want to serve as a positive role model and assist our youth in achieving their goals.

Ø I had so many wonderful teachers who inspired me to pursue a career in education. I love being able to give back to my hometown.

Ø How everyone in the district works together to give our students the best education.

Ø My father graduated from Pottstown and always showed pride in his alma mater. That pride flows from generation to generation. All who work in the Pottstown School District strive to give our students an education that includes a balance of academics and the arts.

Ø Being with the children of Pottstown every day and working with their families to guide them in becoming successful adults is not just my job it is my calling and I am proud to be a part of something so important.

Ø It is an honor to give the students of Pottstown the same great education I received when I attended school. I hope to be an inspiration to students that they can grow up and do great things.

Ø I am proud of being a part of the ongoing work to provide an exceptional educational environment that will help our students succeed.

Ø I am proud to be back at Pottstown helping to make a difference by supporting our teachers and staff.

Ø It makes me proud to know that I played a small but important part in their lives by paying it forward.

Ø My whole family graduated from Pottstown and all of us have been involved in many school activities. We are Trojans and proud of it!

Ø I’m happy to give back to the community that I have grown up in and where my children are growing up. I’m very proud to be from Pottstown.

Ø I am proud because Pottstown goes above and beyond to make sure that our students stay on the cutting edge of education. We offer programming to make sure our students have an equal opportunity to compete with their peers in the work field and in post-secondary programming.

Ø I am proud to be able to help inspire students to set goals and achieve them like those educators that helped me when I was a student.

Ø I was born and raised in this district and I love seeing all of the kids in the community.

Ø I am lucky to have had dedicated teachers who helped prepare me for life. Pottstown instilled vital citizenship values that have proven to be my foundation.

Ø My academic, athletic, and social experiences within the Pottstown community influences me to become a servant leader where several positive influences once led the way for me.

Ø An awesome music program both then and now.

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