Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Council Was Almost NOT A-Twitter

Photo by Evan Brandt

Montgomery County Planner Meredith Curran
address borough council prior to the adoption of 
the borough's comprehensive plan.
So who would have thought an old ink-stained wretch like me (now a carpal-tunnel impaired wretch) would get himself all a-Twitter about Twitter not Tweeting?

Arriving a little late to the council meeting (hey, I' a busy guy) I sit down to rip into my gripping Twitter coverage only to discover the app won't work.





Luckily, they train us to be cool under pressure at reporter school.

So after I whined in a text to Reporter Frank Otto, who was covering a very hot Perkiomen Valley School Board meeting where students who had staged a walk-out were expressing their displeasure with the kind of school cuts Pottstown endured three years ago and definitely did not have time for my kvetching, it suddenly occurs to me.

I can do all this on the Web too, through my browser.


(As always, remember to click the blue "Read Next Page" bar for even more spine-tingling Tweets.

We now join our Pottstown Borough Council meeting already in progress...

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