Saturday, November 16, 2013

Snow Off-White at Pottsgrove

Snow White's Friends End up in the Dungeon. From left, Olive Hernandez, Jake Deska, Hannah Windrim, Madison Batzel

Blogger's Note:
The following is a press release from Pottsgrove High School.
On Thursday, Nov. 21 at 7 pm in the high school auditorium, Pottsgrove High School will present the kid-friendly, rock musical, Snow Off-White. 

 This slightly over one-hour production is a humorous twist on the classic fairy tale with a tom-boyish Snow White and 7 crazy fairy godmothers in the place of dwarves.

Snow White (Rebecca Smith) is shocked when her father the King (Josh Crocetto) returns to the kingdom with his new fiancée Vilenity (Hailee Tyson). 
Vilenity and her henchman, from left,
  Nick Wolfe, Rebekah Schueck, Dan Weand, Hailee Tyson, 
Charlotte Kennedy, Michael Thornton

Vilenity and her bumbling henchmen have a plan to rule the kingdom, but that involves getting rid of Snow White. Dirk (Nick Wolfe) takes Snow into the forest to dispose of her, but she escapes and finds refuge in the cottage of 7 rather odd godmothers. 

Also mixed up in the story are Rosamond, Sleeping Beauty (Emma Burrus) and her Prince Philip (Justin Hernandez). Strange match-ups and alliances lead to a hilarious conclusion.

Featured as the fairy godmothers are Tayler Nofer, Emily Weaver, Mollie Marko, MJ Bird, Kristi Schultz, Brianna Beitler, and Nicole Raimondi. 

Other characters include Madison Batzel, Danielle Buchanan, Jake Deska, Olive Hernandez, Charlotte Kennedy, Chris McKelvey, Rebekah Schueck, Michael Thornton, Dan Weand, and Hannah Windrim.

The musical has several lively songs: “Welcome to Our World,” “It Doesn’t Suit Me,” “Voodoo Hoodoo Woman,” “Not the Way the Story Goes,” “Happily Never After” and others.

The show is directed and produced by faculty members Todd Kelly and Holli Artim. Allison Wentzel is the student director. Elizabeth Rodenbaugh and Cindy Wozniak cover the costuming demands while Gwyn Thomas and Cindy Scherer serve as the art directors. Stacy Couch is the production’s choreographer.

Like many contemporary fairy tale spoofs, the production is well suited for both the young and the young at heart. Children 12 and under are admitted free while general admission is $3. Tickets are available at the door.

Snow White and her allied Prince Philip and Princess Rosamond, from left Rebecca Smith, Justin Hernandez, Emma Burrus

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