Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feeling a Little Latin?

So you're going to the Colonial May Fair at Pottsgrove Manor Saturday (See yesterday's post).

And you're planning to participate in the myriad activities at downtown Pottstown's first First Saturday celebration of the season. (More on that still to come.)

But, let's face it, you're a nigh owl and by Saturday night, you'll still be rarin' to go.

What to do, what to do?

Why not go Latin?

That's a great way to cap off the evening and luckily for you there's one right here in Pottstown.

Produced and presented by Centro Cultural Latinos Unidos, Pottstown's 10th Annual Latin Night will be held from 6 p.m. till midnight Saturday at Academy Hall.

That's the building right at the corner of Armand Hammer Boulevard and Industrial Highway, near the entrance to the old OxyChem plant.

For only $20 per couple (or $30 as a donation to services that CCLU performs for youth) you can enjoy Latin American Food, colorful folklore music and dancing.

And not to worry those who are fleet of feet, there's social dancing for the whole family.

So check it out.

Rita Paez, head of Central Cultural Latinos Unidos, shows off
the third-place trophy the Pottstown team of dancers won
in 2007 at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade.
CCLU, as it is better known, is largely an organization run by Rita Paez, seen at left, who fell into the advocacy of Latin people's largely by accident.

By her estimation, Pottstown is home to 17 different ethnic Latin populations, including people from Mexico, Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Peru, Argentina "and a lot of people from Guatemala."

According to their web site, CCLU:  "is committed to enhancing the lives of Latinos by developing and nurturing leadership skills and enriching cultural understanding and appreciation through educational and recreational activities in a safe environment."

Their Goals and Objectives are as follows:
  • Goal: Education: Improve levels of education of Latinos in the Tri-State Area

  1. Objective: Provide access to computers and computer training

  • Goal: Heritage: Improve the understanding of Latino and American Heritage

  1. Objective: Hold annual event to celebrate Latino Heritage

  1. Objective: Hold annual summer camp to explore American Heritage

  • Goal: Health: Improve the physical and mental health of Latinos

The Latin Night, you know about. 

The summer camp is something I wrote about for The Mercury during last August's largely unappreciated "Positives in Pottstown series.

The kids are taken to French Creek State Park and a ranger from Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site teaches them about the woods.

For more information about Latin Night or CCLU, call 610-705-0566.

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