Saturday, April 14, 2012

How Do You Spell V-I-C-T-O-R-Y?

Edgewood Princpal Callista Boyer, left, joins spelling bee winners, Amari Folly,
Kishan Patel and Zachary Bright and Superintendent Reed Lindley.

Blogger's Note: Pottstown School District front man John Armato is up to his old tricks again, sending us news of the schools...

What do the words "reckon," "perturb," and "intrigue" have in common? They are the winning words at the annual Edgewood Elementary School Spelling Bee.

The contest for third, fourth, and fifth graders begins with each class studying a list of 50 words supplied by the Scripps Spelling Bee Company selected for their grade level.

Edgewood spelling bee winners, and the runners up.
The top five spellers from each class then compete at a school-wide assembly.

Third grader Kishan Patel edged out runner-up Aaliyah Gourzong in four rounds of competition on the winning word “reckon.”

The fourth grade champion Amari Folly needed five rounds to eliminate the competition and have Marissa Johnson Mauras earn runner-up honors.

The fifth graders battled through eight rounds of competition with Zachary Bright ultimately earning the honors on the word “intrigue” over runner-up Am'Unique Moore.

Zachary earned special honors as he was the previous third grade and fourth grade champion. He will represent Edgewood Elementary School in the Montgomery County Competition held in Norristown.

Serving as judges for the competition were Principal Calista Boyer, teacher Connie Belin, and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Reed D. Lindley.

 Teacher Tracy Pasquale did the honors as announcer and pronouncer for the event. The 30 finalists enjoyed an after competition get-together with parents and teachers.
All the Edgewood students who participated in the spelling bee.

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