Thursday, April 19, 2012

100 Years Young (The Second 100 Years is Always Easier)

Florence Schumacher is 100 years young this week.
Blogger's Note: The following information was provided by Amy Bathurst Francis, granddaughter of Florence Yeager Schumacher who celebrated her 100th birthday Monday at Frederick Mennonite Home.
"My grandmother has two children, my mother, Jo Ann Bathurst and Lee Schumacher; three grandchildren, my brother, Tim Bathurst,  myself, Amy Bathurst Francis, and Kara Schumacher: five great-grandchildren, Rachel Bathurst, David Bathurst, Sam Bathurst (my brother's children), and my children, Chloe Francis and Gabriel Francis.

"She was born in 1912 and raised in Reading, moving to South Street in Pottstown when my grandfather became employed by Firestone in 1949. She was married to Edward Schumacher, Jr. (not the funeral director, as he would say) for 64 years until, very sadly, he died of Parkinson's Disease at 86. She lived on South Street up until seven years ago, when she and my parents purchased the Victorian next to ours on chestnut street in the Old Pottstown Historic District, where she still lives today.

"She worked as a secretary and in bookkeeping until she had children, when she became the "house wife extraordinaire." seriously, from a grandchild's perspective, she was amazing at bringing joy into their home and making it a harmonious sanctuary... even for a teenage girl. If there was a pattern for the quintessential grandmother, it would be cut from the original pattern of my my grandmother.
Four generations were on hand for the celebration.

"She's far too gracious to take any credit for her longevity, she would say her loving family, friends, church family and by the grace of her God; however, if I were to take a stab at it I would say the credit should be given also to HER very loving, kind, appreciative and positive disposition in life.

"Many, many people would long to have her as their grandmother, and I'm blessed enough to call her mine."

Thanks Amy for sharing your grandmom's story with us.

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