Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tax Collector's Death Means Post Must be Filled

Roy Reifsnyder.
The passing of Roy Reifsnyder last week has left a hole not only in the hearts of many Pottstownians, but also in the role of tax collector.

Perhaps best known to thousands of young ballplayers and their parents, myself included, for his 38 years of volunteering with the Pottstown Little League, Reifsnyder also spent eight years as a chaperone for the Pottstown High School marching band, as well as having a hand in planning Pottstown's signature July 4th parade every year.

And in January of 2016, Reifsnyder was appointed as Pottstown's tax collector after the person who won the election could not secure the bond necessary to fill the post.

With 37 years experience in accounting and taxes, Reifsnyder had no difficulty getting bonded.

He died May 6 at Pottstown Hospital at the age of 71.

And borough council only has 30 days to replace him, according to the borough code, Borough Solicitor Charles D. Garner Jr. said during Monday's council meeting.

The borough is looking for applicants for the post. To be appointed, one must have lived in Pottstown for at least a year, and be able to obtain a surety bond.

Borough Manager Justin Keller said changes made several years ago mean the job does not require much work, given that the borough staff performs most of the functions, and the salary is "a small amount."

"The person has to perform some perfunctory duties, that do not involve collecting the actual taxes," said Keller. "It's not a huge amount of responsibility." But because this is Pennsylvania, the post is required by law. 

And the borough must a person by its June 3 meeting to be in compliance, said Garner. If no one is appointed, the law passes the responsibility on to the borough's "vacancy board," which is basically borough council plus one additional "vacancy board" member, to appoint someone.

Failing that, the post can be filled by someone petitioning the Court of Common Pleas to be appointed.

Whomever fills the post will remain through 2021, the year that the choice is once again up to the voters.

"The most important thing is to find someone who is interested and wants to do it," said Garner.

Those interested should send a letter or email to Keller at borough hall. Council may choose to publicly interview applicants at the June 3 meeting.


  1. Maybe we should give the job, to the person a union member whos been doing it behind the scenes for years. Shes a borough lifelong resident.