Saturday, January 4, 2020

Montgomery County Announces 2020 Census Push

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by Montgomery County.

Montgomery County officials and community leaders have announced a partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau to maximize participation in the 2020 Census and the formation of the Montgomery County Complete Count Committee (CCC) in support of census efforts.

The CCC’s goal is to reach, teach, and count every person in the county. Their strategic outreach will give census volunteers the tools and information needed to educate the community about the census, dispel myths, and promote participation among neighbors, friends, and family.

“In the 2010 census, Pennsylvania had the second-highest rate of forfeited funds per person due to undercounted individuals,’ said Mopntgomery County Commissioners Chairwoman Valerie A. Arkoosh. “With just a five percent undercount in 2020, we could lose $72,336,780 annually in critical funding for Montgomery County schools, infrastructure, Medicaid, SNAP, housing vouchers, and senior programs.”

The Montgomery County CCC is a cross-section of Montgomery County leadership, community and nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and the private sector. As trusted messengers of their communities, the members will reach out to municipalities, educational institutions, faith and community-based organizations, businesses, health organizations, and historically undercounted populations using digital marketing efforts, and community training and meetings. Some communications, meetings, and trainings will be available in different languages based on local needs.

For the first time, census questionnaires can be completed online. Residents will also have the option to provide their information by phone or request a paper questionnaire. 

By the third week of March 2020, residents will receive an invitation by mail to respond online. If they don’t respond by the end of April, they will either receive a written questionnaire or a visit from a census taker.

“The census is easy, and it’s confidential,” said Arkoosh. “There is no citizenship question, and no personal information can be used against you by any government or law enforcement agency or court in any way.”

For more information about the 2020 Census or how to help get a complete count in Montgomery County, visit

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