Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hill Students Help Gauge Health of the Schuylkill

Photos courtesy of the Schuylkill River Greenway.s

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Schuylkill River Greenways.

Schuylkill River Greenways has teamed up with The Hill School for water quality testing and education.

SRG Education Coordinator Sarah Crothers went out with students on Oct. 31 and tested the Schuylkill River at Towpath Park in East Coventry.

They tested for turbidity, conductivity, oxygen levels, temperature, and more.

Environmental Science students put on waders and got in the water to get samples.

Dave Ressler of the Stroud Water Research Center came out and spoke to the students about elements that can be found in the river and the impact.

The center installed a Mayfly water quality monitoring device by the river at Towpath. 

This cool looking device examines the same elements the students were doing by hand. 

It's powered by the sun and every 5 minutes the data is transferred to a website for real-time results.

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