Thursday, September 6, 2012

May the Schwartz Be With You

Schwartz speaks, briefly, at the Democratic National Convention
It wasn't long and it wasn't featured on TV, at least that I saw, but one of our local representatives in Congress was among the speakers Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention.

U.S. Rep Allyson Schwartz, D-13th Dist., was among a group of female House members who spoke, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to be U.S. Speaker of the House.

Her district includes New Hanover and Schwenksville and she is one of only two Pennsylvania politicians to speak at the convention.

According to The Morning Call, she spoke "for exactly one minute and 30 seconds."

And The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Wednesday that Schwartz's political profile is on the rise and that  "persistent political buzz has her aiming to run statewide, for either governor in 2014 or U.S. Senate in 2016."

"Some Democrats around the state are encouraging her to consider a run at higher office. She was in charge of recruiting candidates for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this election cycle, and insiders consider her a possibility to head the party's House campaign arm should she stay there - traditionally a fast track to party leadership," wrote the Inky's political correspondent Thomas Fitzgerald.

He further observed:
"She has run statewide before, seeking the Democratic nomination to oppose then-U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum in 2000. Then a state senator, she finished second, with 26 percent of the vote, in a field of five candidates. Four of those were from the eastern part of Pennsylvania, and the ultimate primary winner, then-U.S. Rep. Ron Klink, won with 41 percent of the vote by maintaining his hold on the 12-county Pittsburgh media market that made up his geographic base.

Klink opposed abortion rights. The party's major donors, many of whom were on the opposite side on that issue, did not warm to him, and Santorum rolled to reelection."

Mercury Photo by John Strickler
Schwartz spoke to The Mercury
about the health care law in
January, 2011
Schwartz helped write some provisions of the Affordable Care Act, more often called Obamacare, and she has been vocal in her defense of it.

In her comments to The Mercury in January, 2011, after the new House Republican majority voted to repeal the new health care law (a vote blocked by the Senate), Schwartz said if the Republicans were successful, "people under 65 with pre-existing conditions, whether it is asthma, cancer, diabetes would lose the coverage they have been able to buy."

She added, "very quickly, this law has made a positive difference in the lives of millions of Americans."

In addition to continuing that defense in her comments to the convention, The Inquirer reported she also used a luncheon in Charlotte Tuesday: for the same purpose; and to denounce Republicans for vowing to repeal expanded health-care access for millions and, in her view, attacking women's rights.

"Do they really want to change the definition of rape?" she told the lunch group. "Do they really want to take away our right to contraception? Do they want to deny little kids coverage for health insurance? Yes. This is their platform. They've introduced legislation [in Congress], and they've voted for it. If that's not enough, they want to take away our Medicare - for those of us who have it and those of us who want it someday."

Schwartz spoke to the convention on a night dedicated very much to women's voices, ending with a well-received speech by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Below are Schwartz's remarks to the convention, sent by her office:
“I'm Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania.

“Moving America forward means never going backward on America's great promise of health care for our seniors: Medicare.

“As a daughter who cared for an elderly parent, I know medical care is not optional for seniors.

“Americans have worked for their Medicare. They have paid for their Medicare. And whether you’re 65, 55, 45, or 35 you’ve earned Medicare.

Schwartz is in there somewhere.
“We will not let the Republicans end the guarantee of Medicare------costing our seniors thousands and endangering the health and retirement security of millions of Americans.

“Americans deserve the security Medicare provides. President Obama will strengthen and protect Medicare.

“Democrats will make the tough choices –the right choices- to reduce the deficit, and to preserve Medicare, for this generation, and the next.

“The Democratic women of the House know a secure retirement move America forward.”
Schwartz's district includes parts of Philadelphia and the following Montgomery County communities:  Rockledge, Abington, Jenkintown, Lower Moreland, Upper Moreland, Hatboro, Horsham, Upper Dublin, Ambler, Lower Gwynedd, Upper Gwynedd, Whitpain, Springfield, Whitemarsh, North Wales, Towamencin, Lower Salford, Upper Salford, Schwenksville, Lower Frederick, Upper Frederick, New Hanover, Montgomery, Lansdale, Hatfield Boro and Hatfield Township.

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